Liturgical Committee

"To promote the prayer life of the community, the worship of God, and growth in holiness of the members of St. Francis Xavier community."

Who would be interested in serving on this Committee? Men and women of faith, concerned about giving glorify to God and helping people to hear God's word with profit. They will contribute the fruit of their own prayer and reflection and bring every human resource into action in order to plan, organize, and assess.

The Second Vatican Council warns us that ceremonies and organizations are useless unless they help God's people to reach spiritual maturity. The Liturgy Committee must see that liturgy leads and encourages people to lead better lives and to practice each day what they hear proclaimed on the Lord's day. It aims to help people grow in Christ, to develop the gifts and virtues God has given them, and to use them for the benefit of the whole community. The Liturgy Committee meets three to four times per year. To become involved or for more information on this Committee, contact Irene Legatt through the parish office.

Please contact Judy Gatin at the office at 306-653-5126. 

Eucharistic Liturgies

Sundays 9:00 a.m.

Ongoing Events

Morning Bible Study begins September 6th. This group meets each Wednesday morning at 9:30. Newcomers are welcome. 

The Seniors' Friendship Club meets each Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Welcoming Area. This is an opportunity to come out and join in an afternoon of fellowship, cards, etc, food, and fun. Everyone is welcome. The club's first meeting will be September 13th.